All companies and individuals working with All Irish Casino in a promotional capacity will receive competitive commissions that are paid every month. All Irish Affiliates takes great pride in providing a timely and efficient service to all Affiliates, paying commissions varying from 20% to 40%.


Payment of commissions will be promptly sent to all Affiliates on the 10th of each month. Payment will be the agreed percentage of net revenue on the generated income from players. All payments are transferred monthly via bank transfer to each individual Affiliate. The minimum payment amount is 500 euro when this minimum amount is not reached within a month the commission is automatically carried over to the next month.

Net Revenue from 0-2,500 Euro 20% commission
Net Revenue from 2,501-5,000 Euro 25% commission
Net Revenue from 5,001-10,000 Euro 30% commission
Net Revenue from 10,001-25,000 35% commission
Net Revenue from 25,001 and over 40% commission


Net Revenue is calculated after deducting costs such as charge backs, discretionary returns, welcome bonuses, promotional bonuses, free spins, game costs, jackpot contribution and payment costs. The average cost per partner is currently 20% (the actual costs per partner vary).

No negative carry over

In an effort to offer Affiliates the best possible conditions All Irish Affiliates do not carry over any negative commission to the next month. When the previous month has ended any negative amounts are totally written off.

Important: Excluded from the ‘no negative carry over’ are individual players who have won more than 5,000.00 euros in a single month. These players are placed into ‘quarantine’ until they become ‘positive’ players again. Jackpot winners do not count towards negative commission as these jackpot contributions have already been paid. (When a player wins a jackpot this does not get deducted from the net revenue and/or commission).


All Irish Affiliates offers an affiliate program initially built on revenue share however if you prefer to work on a CPA, this is possible:

CPA commissions:

1 - 25 customers per month: 150.00 EUR

26 - 50 customers per month: 250.00 EUR

51 - 100 customers per month: negotiation

Terms and conditions do apply so please get in touch with you affiliate manager before starting.